vrijdag, juli 24, 2009

Some pics to share

So I have some time to myself every now and then in between nursing and cleaning and resting! I started processing the pics I made of Pixie, which are a lot!!! Here are some of the ones I processed already, just playing with psp and cs3.

I am lucky to be recovering so fast, ok I still need to take time off and rest but the wound and body are recovering fast! I already fit my old clothes again and it doesn't seem like I need to work out a whole lot to get back into shape! So I am one of those lucky woman, sorry to you woman who aren't that lucky!!!

Pixie is doing great as well, she's growing fast but still fits her first clothes, the small size! She still has bad cramps but we manage to help her out luckily! I changed the way I nursed her and it's already a lot better, we'll see what tonight does!

Igor has had 3 weeks off now, just 1 more week to go, I am already sad about that, I hate to let him go next week! But we're going to do fun stuff, as a little family! I feel loads of pics coming up again ;-) We'll probably visit the zoo in Amersfoort as it is nice close to home. When I can't walk on anymore we are at home pretty fast (like in 10 minutes) so that's a good thing. We'll also visit the scrapstore in Doorn and maybe even walk the parc there around the castle which is so pretty!

We can go, all 3 of us now as we bought a car yesterday! We only had Igors car from work but there's only room for 2 as it is like a van kind of thing. In the back there are no seats, but we bought a pretty Misthubishi Eclipse, a red one and it looks pretty cool to me! Igor will probably airbrush it somehow but I don't mind! In September I will probably start taking driving lessons again 'cause I really would like to have my drivers license now! I actually need to! So a lot is going on and I love it. My little "health-issue" is slightly improving too! I am taking steps on my own without hubby now which feels good, ok they are babysteps but still....

This is it for now! Hope to show more pics soon!!

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Rachel zei

Angela, she's so beautiful! Great photos! Glad that your family is well...enjoy!

Angelique zei

Jeetje wat kijkt ze al wijs!!!!! Jullie hebben een mooi meisje ervan gemaakt hoor, complimentje voor jullie zelf,

liefs Angelique

Rbarakat zei

Good to see you up and about! Beautiful baby little Pixie Lynn!,

Céline zei

Mooie foto's weer! Vind vooral je laatste erg schattig met haar voetjes!
xx Céline

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Echt prachtige foto's!!!

Ria zei

Meid wat een prachtige foto's!!