dinsdag, september 02, 2008


Good morning!
Here it is! Ok it rains a little every now and then but I don't mind today! We've got our holiday now for 2 weeks and filled with fun stuff, a real challenge to get through them but we will have a blast! We already went shopping in Amersfoort, I got breakfast in bed (with strawberries from our own garden!) and we went to the beach with our doggie and we actually went in the water ourselves too, and it wasn't even that cold!

Yesterday we had a quiet day, just a bit relaxing, doing some chors around the house, some hobbystuff, we shopped here in our small mall, did some random stuff but enjoyed it. Today... who knows what today brings, Igor is out bringing an airbrush assignment that's finished and so cool! Now I can wake up easy ;-)

Thursday we will go to Almere, and after some obligations we will go to the airbrush-shop for Igor, to Batavia in Lelystad (big outlet shopping centre) and maybe even to a scrapstore for me! (so want the bo bunny papers) and friday my sis' big day!! Yay and for me too as a photographer ofcourse, I am excited and looking forward to it a lot!
So not much scrapping from the these 2 weeks but pics instead! (that I will scrap enventually ;-))

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Karla Smith zei

beautiful Photos Angela, The Beach looks beautiful. Wow No waves. That is wonderful.. Is this an Ocean or Lake??? Adorable.