donderdag, september 11, 2008

New holiday update

Another Holiday update with pics ofcourse!
Last Tuesday we went to Rhenen Zoo, we hadn't been there together so that's why we chose that one, we loved the ride there too as it was beautiful! The zoo was great too and the weather was awesome, a real present for us! So here are a few pics of the zoo

Yesterday we went shopping in Utrecht, that had been a while! I loved it! We had lunch there (toast with smoked salmon) and I showed Igor the churchyard that was originally done by monks and contained mainly herbs and spices. I love this place, it feels so peaceful and it's so pretty!
And last but not least... I passed all my exams and my study of 3.5 years is all done, so I decided I earned a pretty pie and I chose this one, a chocolate/fruit one with passionfruit filling and Oh my Goodness it's yummy!!!

After we got home we bought some flowers for my mom and visited them and stayed for dinner, she made lovely gadogado!!! And as a dessert we ate this pie. There's a little left for today ;-)

In a few minutes we'll leave to go down town Amersfoort to shop some more, then I will also order some pics and scrap a canvas for my sis! We will pick them up from the airport this saturdaynight, they'll arrive at 00.30 am! (so in fact it's sunday) and we'll take them home.

3 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Die taart!!!! KWIJL!! ik zei het gisteren al, jullie hebbben een topvakantie, blijf genieten!

Ria zei

Ja snap ik waar dat slabbetje nodig voor was hahahaha! Dat ziet er bijzonder lekker uit...:D Nog veel vakantieplezier!

Marije's Scrapsels zei

ooooohw die taart ziet er zooooooo lekker uit!!! heerlijk, geniet nog lekker van je vakantie..

Liefs, Marije