maandag, september 15, 2008

I finally scrapped again + other fun pics

Here I am again on the first day after our holiday, I am so not enjoying this day! I miss my DH loads! We've had such a wonderful time together, laughed till our jaws hurt, did tons of fun stuff, went on outings a lot, etc and we really enjoyed it all that time together!So we both feel a bit sad and awkward today without one another. So I just have to make the best of it, I already took 2 long walks with the dog! I scrapped, I did some household and groceries so I am not bored but still... a part of me feels empty today.

Anyway.. enough selfpitty, I finally scrapped again! The first lo is about Igor, thanking him for the wonderful holiday, his patience, his support and help and love and cuddles!

The second one is about Misty, a fun sweet crazy cat who is with us for almost 3 years now. He's been a lot of work to socialize, he was shy and scared and he grew sooo fast when he was a kitten so it must have hurt too. Now he's a big cuddle to us and makes us laugh a lot, he's so heartwarming and talks a lot too!

Then yesterday we took some pics of our crazy pets! This one is at my parents. My dad thought it would be funny to put him in the laundry basket

I'm not sure Yazz agrees with him but it sure was funny!

And this is what we found when we got home! We've got turqouise pillows and doors etc and a lime plaid on the couch that we forgot to put in the closet before we left, misty loved it and wrapped it around him!

So all in all we had a pretty good holiday and we are both very much looking forward to the next!!!

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Anoniem zei

Prachtige LO's ANgela.....wat een geweldig mooi papier ook , is dat wat je pas gekocht had?

De foto's van Yazz en de poes zijn ook geweldig.

En zie je nu Igor weer aan het werk is kan jij weer lekker scrappen...elk nadeel heeft zijn voordeel wahahaha

Groetjes Jacqueline

Janine zei

Je bent gelukkig lekker bezig vandaag...dan hoef je niet heel de tijd aan Igor te denken...ennu met wat voor een resultaat!! Prachtige LO's heb je gemaakt...super!!!

Marjolein zei

Zodeknetter, er heeft een eentje mojo overgehouden aan een fantastische vakantie. Prachtig!!!

Jen Sue Wild zei

Awwe cute pix of your furry kids.. and your LO's are devine.

Barbara zei

haha die foto's!!! Ge-wel-dig! :D

Hele mooie layouts heb je ook gemaakt :D

Hilde zei

Wat een mooie Lo's Angela!
Dat papier is echt kei gaaf.....

En die foto's zijn ook erg leuk, vooral die mops (Is toch een mops of niet?) in de mand!

Jen zei

Angela, I love both layouts. They are gorgeous. The photos are just adorable!!

Lauren zei

What beatiul layouts.. I love your doggy and kitty pictures!