maandag, september 08, 2008

Holiday update

Hello pretty ladies!
Just a little holiday and wedding update from me! Let's start with last Thursday!
I had to go to Almere to a doctor and was really nervous about it but it all went ok luckily! Within 30 minutes I was outside again, hopefully this week I'll get the decission.
After that nerve-wrecking appointment we visited the airbrush-shop for Igor to buy some supplies. Then we went to outletcentre Batavia. We had lunch there, fruit and bagles and coffee/tea.

I took a pic from the balcony there of this great ship called Batavia!
After we got home from Lelystad we took a little time off to rest and then we took Yazz to the forrest for a walk and made some pretty pics of all kinds of mushrooms and stuff, it's an early fall this year!

Me and Yazz, funny dog!

Then Friday, the BIG day for my sister! I got to dress her in the morning and made all the pics. It was so much fun! Dad and I put the balloons up on the bow and mom did the lace and flowers. Isn't she beautiful? So is Mike by the way and his son looks so cute in his suit!

This is a pic of the shoot before they got married

This is the horse and carriage in the street when Mike picked her up, so romantic!

It was a great day, very tiring but fun! We laughed, teared up, danced, ate. A beautiful day!

Half of our holiday is over, too bad but one more week to go! It's going to be great weather so we are going out every day if possible! Today it's grey and raining so we'll have an easy day at home, just scrapping, processing pics etc!

4 opmerkingen:

Mariska W. zei

What a beautifull bride was your sis !! Great pics.

Ria zei

hey angela! Mooie fotootjes al joh, dat beloofd wat voor de rest..

Janine zei

wat een mooie bruid!!! En mooie foto's... :D Ik ben benieuwd naar wat er nog meer komt...

en jullie zo'n leukerd!! :D

Marije's Scrapsels zei

ooohw wat ziet je zusje er mooi uit!!! echt super, geniet nog maar lekker van je vakantie..

Liefs, Marije