zaterdag, juni 28, 2008

We're going random today!

No real scrapstories or anything like that to share, but that's ok every once in a great while!
Today I'' ll do some random stuff! Why? Well I just feel like it and was inspired by others just to tell a story about today!

First of all, I slept in, not just a little bit but a great big fat lot! (for me at least!) and I feel great, I've got loads of energy and did a whole lot of cleaning, laundry, pets etc. I feel so patient today! Even when Yazz makes mistakes! Am I growing up now that I am approaching 30? Am I just well rested, or did I learn my leason already? Which one is it? I don't even really mind (another lesson or sign). I just love the feeling and really want to stick to it!

I am also very productive. I read 2 lesson of my studybook (2 more to go!) and made the same amount of homework. Send it in and now waiting for my grades to come back! Love it! Just 2 more to go and I can fill out a form for an exam. July 14th I have an exam too, a very important one that is!

I walked Yazz today, in the rain! Again I didn't mind, I even liked it, to feel a small tiny bit of water cooling down your skin, it feels like it is gently touching the skin of my arms and face. Thank you for that! Now the sunshine is warming me up again and again I love it! It smells so great now outside that I opened every window to let the fresh air in so I can enjoy it even when I am here, upstairs behind my computer!

To make a long story short, I feel great today, loved, happy, peaceful, I think the stress of insecurity (the financial stuff I mentioned before) has left the building! Or in this case, my body!
I hope you can all feel like this too today and just simply enjoy every little, pretty, or simple thing!!! Have a great day today!!! SMILE!!!

4 opmerkingen:

Marije's Scrapsels zei

jeeh! echt goed dat je je zo fijn voelt, lekker van genieten!

Liefs, X Marije

Bieke zei

Gexeldig dat je je vandaag zo geod voelt, hopelijk mag het nogeven langer duren ook.

Liefs Debby.

Joyce zei

Oohh meis wat heerlijk dat je je zo goed voelde vandaag! Het zou wel fijn zijn als het niet alleen door het uitslapen komt he.
Hopelijk heb je vandaag weer zo'n dag, en morgen en overmorgen en voor heel lang! ;-)

Ria zei

Hoi Angela!! Allereerst bedankt voor je gave lootje!
En verder heb ik een verrassing voor je op mijn blog, alvast gefeliciteerd!