maandag, juni 23, 2008

The veg patch

So these are pics of our veg-patch! A lot of the seeds didn't get up unfortunately but it's a bad year as I hear a lot of people complain about this problem, so we bought some plants and we sew indoors as well so now we got new plants.
The beans and eggplant did work out great and are really big already!
We did a lot of work yesterday and it looks great again! Can't wait to get my first veggies here!
Ok we do have veggies and fruits here at home too like strawberries (loads of them!) and raspberries (very sweet and juicy), lettice, herbs and carrots, raddishes and blackberries!

Then we went to my parents as my uncle and (new) aunt where there to say goodbye. They are moving to Curacao within a few days. This is the pic of their wedding on may 29th this year. Don´t they look cute together?

Tomorrow we will have to take Yazz to the vet to get his shot! So sad but need to do this ofcourse. He´s now being bench trained and he doesn´t really matter being in it. Just had the second night in the bench and he´s making noises when he has to go out! And that´s quite someting for a puppy of only 9 weeks! Well that´s my story for now, I am off scrapping again, working on my BOM! Love it! 4 pages are done already, many more to go ofcourse!


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Greta zei

your garden looks great! I'm jealous. ;)