vrijdag, juni 20, 2008


It has been a great while since I last blogged! Why? Well as you know, we got a puppy! That should say it all, but if it doesn't... here we go!

I have to vacuumclean and mop the floors every day, sometimes twice, when he's asleep I can take care of the other pets and laundry and groceries. Sometimes I need time for ME as well. When he's awake... go hide! LOL! He's such a busy little creature! He's fun and he's learning fast! He listens to a few commands already like sit, come here, paw, down and I am working on "place" (for him to go to his big pillow) and "stay" (as he runs around like crazy when I vacuumclean or mop trying to catch the mop e.g.) Walking on a leash is going great, now that I decided I am the pack leader and he has to listen to me (thank you ceasar milan!).

Here he is laying in our yard playing with a branch

Here he is sleeping with his cat-friend Misty together so cosy!

Then there's also my study, working hard on that one! I finished half of the last module! July 14th I will have my exam of the previous module and I hope not long after that I'll have my last exam! So excited and wanting to get it over with! Some appointments going on to get me started and.... we've got something to celebrate!!!

Our debt issue is finally resolved!!! We've got a good deal (long story, won't bother you with it) and we can finally live and get a life and plan our future! We are so happy not to be stuck anymore! So we celebrated a little. This monday we will sign the contract and do all the paperwork and at the end of the week it will all be done and over with yeah!!!

Ok and then scraprelated stuff: I scrapped quite a lot! I have been asked to join a DT and I am really honored by that! I also have another call running so I really want to wait for that result too! It's a hard decission but it's one I'll have to make!

I made 2 mini-albums, well 1 true album with sheets in it and all, a new BOM actually about my feelings and emotions and doubts etc. And one minibook I started and hopefully can work on today! I can show you the album, here it is: (a few gluespots that didn't dry invisible too bad)

I made a few lo's in it as well but I am not sure wether I will show them or not, not just yet anyway! And now it's time to walk Yazz again so I will leave you with this and hope to show you more soon!


8 opmerkingen:

ScrapEnjoy zei

Wat een mooi album, erg leuk gemaakt.

knuf Lilian

Jackie zei

ooo, een puppie, was een cutie....
moet super gezellig thuis zijn met zo'n kleine speelse pluizenbol...

Je boekje is geweldig geworden,
vind de kleuren fantastisch

Jen zei

Angela!! Your puppy is soooo cute and love your album. Congrats on the DT and good luck on the other. :)

Marije's Scrapsels zei

WauW wat een super gaaf album!!
echt heel leuk, ik ben benieuwd hoe hij er uit ziet als je BOM af is....

En Yazz, ja het blijft een schatje!

Liefs, Marije

Ria zei

wow, een heel mooie boekje Angela...echt snoezig. En Yazz....ach wat een droppie....

Karla Smith zei

Angela, Love your Mini, Gorgeous as usual. Your Little Yazz is the cutest ever, he is sure to bring you so much Love.

inge zei

Wat een supermooi album heb je gemaakt!
En wat een schattige foto's van Yazz.

Groetjes Inge

Sandra zei

wat is het toch een schatje..xxx san