donderdag, juni 26, 2008

some sharing to do!

First of all I got these great metal embellishments in today to try! I really love them as they are really vintagy! Except for the hearts they are really thin so I can really use them on my scrapbookpages! LOve love love!

Then I did 2 lo's for photoswaps and here they are, sorry for the bad pics as I just took them before they went in the mailbox!

I am working on a workshop, well it's almost finished now, it's so much fun. In the beginning of this year I gave some live workshops, but these are online workshops and never knew (and thought) I had so much fun making them! I hope I can do much more in future!

Yazz now sleeps in a bench downstairs in the hallway and that's wayyyy better! I can sleep again yeah! And our stressful stuff is all arranged and taken care of, we are free!!!! yeah!


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