maandag, september 03, 2007

Update lifelist/Elsie challenge

So this is my list, the red ones I finished, the blue ones I am working on!
28. Have someone over for dinner
27. Spend more quality time with Igor
26. Start working out and keep it up!
25. Send at least 2 postcards a month
24. Set money aside for x-mas
23. Finish my current BOM and start a new one
22. Find a new penpall
21. Eat right!
20. Make more cards
19. Make a painting
18. Improve my photography skills
17. Decrease debt
16. Decrease Wehkamp to 0
15. Visit the sauna
14. Get ready to start my own practise
13. Get at least 3 certificates for bachs
12. Finish a current certificate so I can do my exams
11. Try out more new cupcake recipes
10. Take more responsability for my own happiness
09. Continue to improve/ get better from illness
08. Meditate and yoga more often
07. Get things straightened out in my head
06. Have a crop with Majootje!
05. Make 3 new mandala's for our hallway
04. Write in my journal more often
03. Get out more often on surprising trips (to find pic-ops!_
02. Take more walks
01. Start saving for an Ikea wardrobe closet!

What I did the last 2 weeks to work on my list?
* We started saving money for the Ikea closet we totally fell in love with and we are already halfway!
* Last week we went out taking trips on 4 of the 7 days
* I wrote a lot the last few days
* Through writing my head is getting clearer and talking to someone special is helping me big time too!
* Ok the last few days I didn't practise yoga nor meditation but before that, I spend at least 40 minutes per day on it!
* I tried out 2 new cupcake recipes
* I worked on my current certificate a lot (today) and 1,5 chapters are done!
* I passed the first exam of my diploma!!! (2 more to go, next one will be september 17th)
* We bought a new lens for our EOS 350D camera
* I made 4 more cards this week and send out 3 again!
* And I already bought a few christmasgifts already (instead of saving money)

That's quite a list I think so it's all working out very very well although it seems like hard work at times!
Leaving you with this and hoping it might inspire you to think about things you want to achieve in life as well!

4 opmerkingen:

majootje zei

You go girl! I'm so very proud of everything you did last week!
You grow a little more, day by day!

love! Majootje

Marsha zei

leuke lijst ! inderdaad wel goed om dit soort dingen te doen en ook leuk om te zien dat je al zoveel dingen van je lijstje hebt gedaan ! Succes met het verder 'afwerken' van je lijst ;-)

*fauve* zei

wow,keep up the good work sweety!I am totally digging your new banner,it's so cool!Did you made it yourself?That drawing on the right is fabby!

Mika zei

Great list but just so long. Hope that you have fun with all the things. Mika