maandag, september 03, 2007

Holiday update

So here I am again! Fully enjoying our holiday, doing fun stuff, enjoying each others company, being creative together, laugh a lot and visit fun places and most of the times forget the camera! What kind of scrapper am I? I should stick it to my wrist I guess! Anyway a new week starts today and because of the weather we didn't plan anything! Which means scrapping!!!
A few days ago Corinne Delis started with her workshop "finding you" that I am in. I completed the first assignment yesterday and here it is: (sorry for the bad pic)

I also worked on my list again which I will post in a second log today! I love to see progress in such a short amount of time!
Well of I go again!

2 opmerkingen:

Marsha zei

mooie lo heb je gemaakt en een leuk effect geeft dat, de ogen gekleurd en de rest van de foto zwart-wit ! Helaas ben ik niet zo handig met fotobewerkingsprogramma's, heb het nu wel voor elkaar gekregen om een foto helemaal zwart-wit te krijgen en dat vond ik al heel wat ;-)

Anoniem zei

Great layout and a very beautiful picture!!