zondag, september 23, 2007

Majootjes birthday/movement

How is your weekend? Mine is great. I am feeling a lot better now after a few days of flu and headaches! I am still tired but hé if that's all!
Yesterday it was Majootjes birthday and ofcourse we visited! Igor was working there all day to make a fence so Aika (the dog) can't escape! He picked me up at about 2 pm and we went over there again. I scrapped her a little book called "relax" with a cd inside with relaxationmusic and exercises, an insence burner and some lovely insence. I also made a little package as a birthdayrak from scrapfever with MME paper, lace and ribbon, brads, eyelets and chipboard to make an all girlie layout about her little niece. But then she got me presents as well!!! I got 4 little boxes of brads, lovely colors and bling bling, totaly my style so thanks again Majootje! And it wasn't even my birthday! We had a great time, took some pictures and tried to put together a tv table. 2 blondes and a not so abvious description (it was a do-it-yourself package) it took us over 30 minutes to get that little thing together but we laughed a lot! Here are some pics of Aika and us! Crazy funny silly lovely soft cuddle! (and normally I am afraid of dogs!)

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