maandag, januari 05, 2009

Some pics to show (long post)

Hello girls!
First of all, and a bit late I know,... Happy 2009! I hope you had a great and safe new years'! We did! A very quiet and easy one as we were in bed at 00.45 am!!! Didn't mind it at all!
I also told you we were redoing the house, and we also bought new dvd-cabinets for in our livingroom, so this is what our little cosy corner looks like now!

The rest will be shown later on, still have to make pics of my new scraproom but it's a mess as it is in use! Yes really it is! I am finishing up my sisters wedding album, just 4 or 5 more pages and I am done, finally! After that I'll clean up and make some pics. This week I will start on finishing the baby's room as well. Probably tomorrow I'll buy some paint for the woody-area's and some for the closet (where you change the babys diapers on) and try and wrap that up by the end of the week. Then Igor can paint the walls and ceiling and then wallpaper 2 other walls and then.... it's all done! Yeah! Can't wait!

I also started scrapping a december daily but couldnt keep up because of the holidays, Igors 2 weeks off of work and the chors we did in the house but these are the pages I did do (missing 1 pic but it was a blur) maybe I'll finish it in the next couple of weeks but I am not sure. Maybe just do the story of our holiday instead of daily stuff. Another attempt by the end of the year ;-)

I am doing fine, had 2 painful days as the baby grew fast, but luckily that's better now. Maybe I was just too busy, who knows! I am still tired and sleep a lot but I coping with it. Still a bit sick to my stomach but mainly because I don't know what to eat anymore as I don't like the taste of lots of things now, funny huh? We'll survive, just a few more weeks ;-) (me trying to be optimistic lol).
Well that's it for now, cu later!

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jacqueline zei

Wow je boekje ziet er toppie uit meid!
Ik zie dat je scrapmojo weer terug is....yeah!!!

Groetjes Jacqueline