maandag, december 29, 2008


Hello!! How's life girls?
I haven't got any pics to show you yet or any scrapstuff to show as I didn't do anything!!! Well not scrapwise!
We had an active christmas, we redecorated 1 room, the new hobbyroom!!! it looks so great and we spend a lot of money on it, as we also bought a new wardrobe closet! I will show pics soon!
Then I started on the babyroom as Igor was busy finishing the other room and I didn't want to be in his way. So the woodwork is sandpapered, all of it! And I stripped 1 wall of wallpaper, the other one is almost finished as well but there were multiple layers of wallpaper we found out!
We also got a new fridge, a big 2 door luxurious americain fridge/freezer, we LOVE it! Will show that one too soon!
Just wanted to let you know I am still alive and the baby is doing great and growing like crazy! (which feels a bit soar!) And Igor has a 2 week break which is great too, we are sleeping in almost every day, cuddle a whole lot and spend lots of time together, I so love it when we are together! I am still madly in love with my hubby and think this will never go away!!! (hope you girls feel the same about your DH!)
Have a great week!

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heey Ans,

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