vrijdag, januari 16, 2009

Just MY day

Sometimes there are days that are the best, no correct myself: THE BEST EVER!!! Friday was one of those days! Why? Well first of all I felt great, second of all my friend Kelly from France called. She's been living there for years now and I haven't seen here in a very long long time, I still miss here as it is just not so easy to go there (well for me it isn't). Now she called me saying she's coming back to the Netherlands, to stay!!!! I have been jumping up and down all day!! I was so happy and still am. She's not exactly sure when but she'll be back and she's also going to live close to me as well! I am soooooo happy, Kelly you made my day!!!

Then I also got a lot of posts on my blog, a great present from my friends as you could see in my previous post, a great order of baby stuff, I took a day off just for myself, I had the most amazing fruitsmoothie, and last but not least... I even scrapped!
There's also another thing I got asked for, scraprelated, that I am very happy about and honored as well but I can't tell you guys yet, but I will, soon!!!

2 opmerkingen:

Ria zei

jazeg...en hoelang laat je ons in spanning??

Bieke zei

Dat vroeg ook al af? Ben heel benieuwd!!!