donderdag, januari 15, 2009

Pregnancy Journal

Hello again!
I think I am back, on track with blogging and scrapping! And that while I am also busy doing the babyroom/nursery and changingtable, what a job!!!

So I am participating in a challenge on a messageboard where we agreed we would all NOT buy any scrapstuff untill we finished 25 layouts with the stuff we have. Well I finished my sisters weddingalbum (scroll down) which seriously made the number go down like crazy! But still there's a lot of scrapstuff left! So I started a pregnancy journal. I haven't bought stuff to make the actual album (because I couldn't) but I did make 2 lo's and I am working on the 3rd already. Here they are:

I am also working on the 52Q challenge Emily Falconbride thought of for this year. I finished my first card, the second one is in the making but haven't made pics yet, will do so soon!

*** Baby update***
I am doing great, so is the baby, nausea is going away bit by bit, replacing it by hunger even in the middle of the night! My bladder is not working with me as I have to go pretty much every 30 minutes (at night about 3 times) and I think I felt the little one already! It started a few days ago! This monday I'll have a checkup again, can't believe it has been 16 weeks (and 1 day) already! Still tired though, and in bed early, but that's ok. Only the last few days I woke up really early and couldn't go back to sleep again, result: me being awake since 4.30 and up since 5.30!!.
Have a great day all!

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Debbie zei

Hoi Angela

Mooie Lo's meis en blij dat je je zin in scrappen weer terug hebt, leuk he als je de baby voor het eerst voelt geniet ervan voor je het weet ligt het in je armen

Liefs Debbie

Anoniem zei

heel erg mooi!

Bieke zei

Wat een mooie Lo's heb je weer gemaakt!

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Ik had het op msn al verteld, maar ik vind ze echt prachtig!!

Liefs, Marije

jess zei

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
Hang in there!! All this peeing in the middle of the night is worth it!! Soon you'll have a special little baby in your arms!!

natacha zei

je hebt weer mooie layouts gemaakt
je hebt een mooie stijl ook
groetjes natacha

Ria zei

prachtige layouts Angela!!

manon zei

Super mooi! Echt een plaatje je blijft er naar kijken en je vind zoveel!

Boukje zei

Wat ben jij al ver! Mooie layouts!
Groetjes Boukje.

inge zei

Wat een supermooie lo's!
En nog van harte gefeliciteerd met je zwangerschap!
Hoop dat je je een beetje goed voelt!

Groetjes Inge