donderdag, juli 10, 2008

yard and stuff

Ok it has been a week but I have been so busy!!! I've been scrapping, chatting, painting like crazy, working, studying (exam this monday) having friends over on different days etc. Ofcourse there's the puppypug that needs a lot of attention, and a hubby too ;-) Oh and the garden ofcourse! I've been spending a whole lot of time in there too, re-arranging everything, cutting down stuff etc. Here's a peek of what I have done.

Now I am painting, the steps of the stairs needed to be done, and decided to do the doors and posts of them in the hallway too. So everything looks clean and fresh again. Tomorrow just the last bit and I am all done!

I got this!!! Stamps from Prima marketing, build a frame collection 1, love these!!!

It's almost CHA summer time! Just a few more days, I've seen some sneaks and it promisses a whole bunch of cool stuff again! I really need that as I am almost through paper again! I am waiting for 1 kit to arrive from a new board/store. And probably order the yellow bycicle stuff too as I want to make a new album.
But now I am going to finish (or at least try to) the booklet of our little Yazz, it's so totally not my usual style but I like it anyway! trying something new!

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ScrapEnjoy zei

Hai Angela, leuk stukje tuin heb je, ik heb echt geen groene vingers.
Mooi je stempels, heb je veel plezier van, ze zijn prachtig.
Heb ze zelf ook e maak er best mooie frame's mee.
Succes meis, Hoe is het met Yazz?

lieve groet Lilian.