woensdag, juli 16, 2008


So this morning I decided to go down town and visit the local craft store. I found this amazing line called Chocolate from SEI! I just had to have it! It's all shimmery and shiny and glittery and so me!! I also bought a 7gypsies book and will combine the both of them to make a cute present!

And then tomorrow I'll be getting another package! From scrapaddiction/Nicole with the yellow bicycle line which I'll make my holiday/travel journal with! Then ofcourse this weekend is the BIG CHA convention and loads of new stuff will be out, can't wait to see it all and actually.... want a lot of it too!!!!

I am also busy with my workshop BOM on the scraptastisch messageboard. It's a 10 week course (in dutch) and lesson 1 is just up and I got some great response to that! So happy. And then the latest news... next season I'll be hosting 5 workshops here!!! Each workshop contains 2 or 3 afternoons/mornings of 3 hours each! So looking forward to that!

6 opmerkingen:

Jen zei

Congrats on the workshops! That's so wonderful! Have fun with all of your new scrapping goodies. :)

Gabrielle zei

I LOVE that SEI line....I've had it for months and just can't cut into it! :)

ScrapEnjoy zei

Hai Angela, je hebt weer lekker ingeslagen meis, je kan weer even vooruit.
Wat is Yazz een moppie he? lief zo samen met de kat, trouwens een prachtig dier.

tot hoors, Lilian

Jackie zei

Hé Girl...

Wat een leuke spulletjes,...
Enne een BOM,
vond toevallig gisteren een map met foto's van mijn BOM, en moet er ook nodig weer eens iets aan doen...

Hoe gaat tie verder met je

Jackie zei

mis je trouwens wel

marije zei

He meissie,

Ik dacht dat je vandaag je blog ging "updaten". Hahahah

Dikke kus, marij