woensdag, juli 23, 2008

another bunch

Of paper! Yellow Bicycle this time, vita bella to be exact.I will make my summer journal with it! Well I already started it!
I also got my prize for winning the cardcontest! Thanx Nicole for this great book!

The weather is improving luckily as I really got bitten by the walking-bug! We've got beautiful parcs around our house that I am so enjoying! I always start the day with a big walk with Yazz and do 3 smaller ones after that spread over the whole day. Loving it!

Not much scrapping to show you, probably tomorrow when my "buddy" gets her presents and I can show them!

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Mona verkoopt zei

Hé, Hé

Dat werd tijd :P!!!

Nee hoor, het gaat nog steeds hartstikke goed met mij. Moest gewoon even kortemette maken met een paar mensen. Hahahaha. En je weet mijn wraak is zoet. Don't worry, jij hoort daar niet bij!

Dikke kus, marije