vrijdag, mei 09, 2008

Derek Ogilvie

Hi girls,
Well as some of you might know, I believe there's more to life than we see or know. I believe in spirits, gardian angels, guides or whatever you like to call it. There's a medium called Derek Ogilvie who has had a show here in Holland called "the baby whisperer" and now he has a show called "the ghostwhisperer" and you know what? I am going to go and see him June 15 th!!! I am so excited! Can't wait for that day to arrive!

Then there's some other scraprelated stuff too! I finally finished the new BOM that I am making with AMM's course! I love it, but mainly love what's IN it! Here are is the front cover inside and out.

I am working on day 2 and 3 right now! I really hope to catch up tomorrow! Maybe even post some pics!!!


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