woensdag, mei 07, 2008

So this is

what every day life feels like! I finally have the feeling of "being all back" after being out for so long! I went down town Amersfoort today, on my own, without meds or anything. It went so great! I forgot one thing so I'll go back tomorrow morning to get it!
I went to the local craft store to buy a present for mothersday, and I bought some paper for myself. I am taking an online course on AMM to make a B.O.M. I love to make one every year so this is fun again! It's mainly abou the story behind the pics so lots and lots of journaling and I happen love that a lot! So I chose to use Black/White paper with turqouise and lime. I came home with the lovely MM papers 5th avenue! So I'll get started in a few!

I am also working on a mixed media painting. That's a new thing to me but I am doing good I think! It's not finished yet but I love it a lot already! I think it's hard just because I don't know what to do exactly yet so I ordered 2 books at amazon.com and I hope they'll be in soon!

Just 4 to 5 more weeks before the new couch comes! Can't wait!!! I am now going to have this one:

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