donderdag, augustus 23, 2007

Some more stuff

from my list!!! I finished the first exam to get 1 of the 3 certificates I want to earn before I turn 29! Now it is just 2 weeks and 5 days (max) of waiting whether I passed or not! When I passed I will immediately apply for the second on which will be 6 to 7 weeks away from now! So excited!

I also started on a mini-album I wanted to do for a long time now with pics of my grandfather. We called him "opa Jojo". When we called him for coffee he always answered with "jojo, will be right there" so that's why we called him that. Anyway he passed away in 2002 and he was my favorite grandparent! He was so funny and still so young at heart, crazy, foolish, creative (oh boy was he!), cuddly. It was very hard for me when he got his stroke and was disabled in many ways. It was hard to watch him stuggle, being tired all the time and wanting nothing more than "to go to grandma". I was relieved when he passed away for countless reasons but him not suffering anymore was the biggest one of all. Strangely enough I still miss him sometimes and can be sad and that's why it's so hard to make this little album or tribute to my grandpa. This is how I want to remember him

ps this was also sketch #2 from the online crop on scrapfever

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