zaterdag, augustus 11, 2007

painting and thoughts

hello very good saturday to you!
Mine is ok although I had a very short night! My creativity and spirituality are floating like madness and I am enjoying it sooo much. People often say that when you do something relaxing with your full attention, things will happen in your mind, lightbulb-moments, ideas, answers, solutions to problems etc, well I share that opinion as I often have such experiences whilst I am drawing mandala's.

Elsie had a challenge on her blog about things to do before you reach your next year. In my case that is 28 things I wanna do before I turn 29. I made that list! Ellen Degeneres is often talking about her lifelist (working on it). I love that! Well I made my list and started right away! One of the things I wanted to do was make a painting! I have been painting but that was years and years ago (almost 10!!) and didn't have a lot of stuff, but every scrapper has dabbers and has at least 1 canvas so I decided to try to paint a Lilly that I love, and here it is. Now I added 1 thing to my lifelist...."take a course or workshop in painting" I totally couldn't remember anything of what I once knew about paintingtechniques! How bad is that? During the painting many things came in to my head, and most of them were great! I am sure I will make more in future, hopefully NEAR future.

3 opmerkingen:

Joyce (devilishAngel) zei

Ik vind het schilderij super!!!
Volgens mij heb jij helemaal geen cursus nodig hoor! ;-)

Wat is dat eigenlijk op de foto er onder?
Het ziet er in iedergeval erg gaaf uit! (kleurtjes zijn ook erg mooi)

Nic zei

Moooooooooooi meis, weer heerlijk crea bezig jij! Prachtig al die kleuren weer om je heen ;)

Anoniem zei

You have made a BEAUTIFUL painting! Very GOOD!