zondag, augustus 05, 2007

Great sunday!!

I am having a great day today! First of all, my friend Nic came to visit us with all of their children and I loved it! I thought it would be so tiresome but it was great! The kids were such sweethearts and I am so glad we could spoil them rotten with presents and yummy food! (i made sushi and cupcakes) The kids could decorate cupcakes, scrap, use the nintendo, wanted to play with Igors dumbells and weights, enjoyed the pond, birds, fish and everything!
They had to leave early as Marc has to work this night so he had to get some sleep before that.Pics say more then words so look what they got us! I am so happy with that!

We also keep a friendsscrapbook and she made me these! One is from her visit to a zoo in germany and the other one is a pic of Igor and me when we visited Nic last month

This is a pic of Nic and me, unfortuntely the only "good" one as the others aren't fit to show or moved!

Right after Nic and her family left, Igors sis and DH came in and brought me this!!!!

Proud to introduce to you... Mr. C. Bojangles!! He is a Castor-rex rabbit and he is soooo soft and cute! And fast too as I tried to pick him up, I almost had to chase him around! He's adorable and I am glad we got him! He is now a playmate for our other bunny Einstein, only this one will me much much bigger!

Now I am still not tired but just a bit lazy as it is so hot outside! I still have got energy left so I will scrap some more on my holidayjournal, which probably will me my entry to the scrapfever contest as well.
Have a great evening all!

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Nic zei

ahhhh wat een poepie Ansje!! Ohhhh ikke wil voelennnn hihi. Gaaf die oren zeg. Hoop m snel te kunnen zien in het eggie ;) Jammer dat de foto's van ons tweetjes niet erg gelukt zijn. Moeten we dus maar snel een keertje goed over doen hihi


hilde zei

wat een lieverd zeg!!!! ( het konijn dan hè?! whaha)
echt super!

Sonja zei

Wauw, wat een mooi konijn zeg!!!

yvon/stampidoe zei

super konijn

Sonja zei

Gister ben ik genomineerd door Corien om mee te doen met de Global Card Society. En bij deze nomineer ik jou...op mijn blog staat hoe en wat.