vrijdag, augustus 17, 2007

Elsie Challenge

So Elsie challenged us to make a LO of, in my case, 28 things I want to do before I turn 29! That was a great thing to think about as I have lots of time to do so! So I started writing down what I want to do or achieve, but it's hard! This is what I came up with. The blue ones, are the ones I have been working on already the past week, the red one is finished!

28. Have someone over for dinner
27. Spend more quality time with Igor
26. Start working out and keep it up!25. Send at least 2 postcards a month24. Set money aside for x-mas
23. Finish my current BOM and start a new one
22. Find a new penpall
21. Eat right!
20. Make more cards
19. Make a painting
18. Improve my photography skills17. Decrease debt
16. Decrease Wehkamp to 0
15. Visit the sauna
14. Get ready to start my own practise13. Get at least 3 certificates for bachs12. Finish a current certificate so I can do my exams11. Try out more new cupcake recipes
10. Take more responsability for my own happiness
09. Continue to improve/ get better from illness
08. Meditate and yoga more often
07. Get things straightened out in my head
06. Have a crop with Majootje!
05. Make 3 new mandala's for our hallway
04. Write in my journal more often
03. Get out more often on surprising trips (to find pic-ops!_
02. Take more walks
01. Start saving for an Ikea wardrobe closet!

What I already did!:
* started a workout focused on my arms and belly
* I have been doing short meditations every afternoon and before I go to sleep
* I made 4 new cards and send out 2
* Wrote in my journal 3 times
* I am reading my studybook every day
* I ordered 1 exam that I will do next week (!!!)
* I found a new penpall
* I ordered a book about photography and am studying the manual of our camera as well!

It really keeps me going and helps me to get better and get rid of my panic! So it is also therapeutic! So thank you Elsie for this challenge, it really helped me and gave a little push in the right direction! She is such an inspirational soul and can't wait to see what she made of her new book, but I have to be patient untill november arrghhh!!! ;-)

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majootje zei

You go girl!!

and I'm there for you!! Always!

angel zei

ahhh sweetie, huge thnx!!!