woensdag, mei 23, 2007

Sweet present of a sweet friend

hi there!
Yesterday the mailman came to deliver a package that Nic had sent me. We were both so disappointed when I unwrapped it, and it was all to pieces! It was wrapped up very very good but still it broke! So we were sad about that especially because it meant so much to the both of us. Luckily she found a pic of how it should be and this morning I picked up some glue and after a struggle I finally did it, it's finished and looks great!!!
This is the result:

I love it! Thanx sweetie!

2 opmerkingen:

Tamara zei

heb je erg goed geplakt angela.. ziet er super mooi uit

Nic zei

Dat ie je maar geluk mag brengen ;) Heel veel plezier ermee lieffie