donderdag, mei 03, 2007

As promised some pics of our new birds, it was a bit more than just the "mousebirds" or whatever they are called in English.
These are "papagaai amadines" very very tiny!

This is our "goudvink" he is so curious and totally not afraid of people!

These are a couple of "vuurbuikjes" even smaller than the other ones!! So cute they are!

Our waterfall in our birdhouse

And last but not least the mousebirds

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Alette zei

Oh wat een schitterende voliere zeg. En wat een schattige vogels.
Wat betreft de 350 D, geweldige camera. Ik heb 'm nu ook en ben helemaal hooked :) Bedankt voor je comment op mijn blog trouwens :)

gr Alette