woensdag, mei 02, 2007


What a great days we have here! Sun is shining like crazy and plants are blooming! I love it! We've got a lot of perfumed roses, they smell so great! Some of them are in bloom already and they smell sweet. You smell them as soon as you walk out the door!

We've got 4 new birdies, here are 2 of them, they are gouldsamadines. They are so pretty and colorful and really curious and not afraid of me so it seems! The other 2 are mozambique's but can't get a great pictures of them.

We now have 10 baby kanaries!!! And there are 2 more females on eggs! They are like rabbits this year!!!! Tonight Igor is getting 2 more birds called " mousebirds" they are so funny!!!

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Wat een schatjes Angela, veel plezier ermee;)
groetjes, Carla