donderdag, mei 10, 2007

Not much

Do you know the feeling of being soooo tired and not wanting to get up? When you do you wonder when you can go back to bed again? Well that's me right now! I haven't been feeling well for the last couple of days. Like I have the feeling to come down with the flu but it doesn't hit me! I feel so tired, dizzy, don't want to do anything! Before I keep blabbering on about this, I will just leave you with these 2 lo's. I both made them for the scrapfever contest of April (didn't win!)I first made the violets one but I wasn't sure about it so I made another one. I asked for advise and finally turned in springwalks in the parc.
Goodbye for now!

1 opmerking:

roos zei

nou hopelijk wordt je niet ziek meis , doe het maar rustig aan .
en vind je lo`s heel erg leuk .

ga vanavond aan je brief beginnen .