zondag, december 10, 2006

Strange weather

hi all,
The weather here is totally upset! Yesterday I was complaining about the fact that it wasn't really winter yet, it looks like fall and even the temperatures are way too high! But today my complaints have been heard as it is so cold outside now! I won't complain (try again tomorrow morning at 7 am!) I did take some great pics yesterday and 2 of them are really scrapable and really wanted to share them.

Today I have been writing my christmascard and preparing a surprise for Igor, which is so hard as I really don't know what to surprise him with in the first place as it is his birthday this thursday ánd it is christmas 11 days later! So it is an expensive month for us, double expensive! But I have an idea now that I will start working on tomorrow afternoon!

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Shiulan zei

Hey stranger!

Remember me? Wat Google allemaal niet kan vinden.

Ben heel benieuwd hoe het met je gaat. Met mij alles ok.

Ik wil je graag uitnodigen voor Hyves. Zoek me anders op via http://shiulannetje.hyves.nl


angel zei

hey other stranger! Wat ongelooflijk leuk meid je weer eens te "spreken" is al weer zoooo lang geleden, ik zoek je even op op hyves

*Fauve* zei

Wow beautiful pictures!!