maandag, december 04, 2006

Flowers So Romantic!

Hi there,
Here's a 12x12 Lo again, it has been at least 2 weeks since I last made such a LO! I am pretty satisfied with it. I used the new cosmo cricket paper (frontside and back). I just made that picture of lovely flowers I bought 2 days earlier and now they were all opened. I just ***LOVE*** flowers!

Tonight I will spend the night scanning some old pics that I took with my analoge camera. I didn't have a lot of fun pictures to scrap (how did that happen?) so I decided to go through some old photo albums and found tons! I will scan them tonight and order them so I will have them wednesday I guess and after that I will spend the night scrapping I guess. Igor has to go to school and tomorrow I really don't have to do anything so I can scrap away again!

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Ziet er goed uit hoor Angela, leuk om eens een keer bloemen te scrappen ipv mensen!!