woensdag, november 22, 2006

Really scrapping on a wall!!

Both Igor and I have these crazy ideas about how to decorate your house, especially colors and figures, for instance our stairs are metallic purple, we have grey doors with pink squares on them (like a little window), our bedroom is like a 1001 night fairy tale, and my scraproom is all self build with self made closets, bookcases and huge desk with a strange figure. I also painted strange figures on the wall, only one of them is still visable.
The other day I spent some time figuring out how to make part of a picture in greyscale and other parts just colored, after a while I managed to do so. I worked on one pic I love of Igor and had it printed in a bigger size (20x28 cm). I pasted it on a heritage paper of 12x12" (30,5cmx30,5cm) and then I didn't know what to do with it! I was blocked, but I didn't put it aside, I just pasted it on the wall in that strange figure! And you know what.... I liked it!!! Today I painted some more on that wall and here is the result, not finished by a long shot but it's a start!

3 opmerkingen:

hilde zei

dat je dat durft!!! haha. Knap hoor! Is gaaf geworden!

*Fauve* zei

WOW loving that strange figure!!Love to see the rest of your house,it sounds so awesome!!

angel zei

ik zou zeggen; kom gezellig een bakkie halen!