zaterdag, november 11, 2006


Hairdo!!!! Yesterday Nienke stopped by to give both Igor and I a new haircut. Finally as I haven't seen a hairdresser in ages. I promissed to put a picture here but taking selfportraits is not one of my best features. On this pic it looks like my hairdryer exploded but it's just the shadow of me on the wall. So look past that please!
I've been dreaming a lot last night. When I woke up this morning I could remember all 3 of them very vividly so I wrote them down and this afternoon I started to gave it a closer look and explain it, also by a dream dictionary. It is scary but beautiful to see how real those messages are, as dreams come in symbols most of the time. Loved doing that and got the message loud and clear, now I have something to work on this upcoming week!

This week was a week of gifts, lovely gifts but also neccesities. A new microwave oven as the old one died on me. A new scratching pole for our 4 cats, it looks like a palace to me! It is 1.94 meters high! I love it, as do the cats (lucky me otherwise it would have been a waste of money)
Today a lovely new book called Living out loud and I have been reading bits and parts already, I love it! Now it is 4 pm and time to season the chicken and put that baby into the oven!!! Have a great evening!!

4 opmerkingen:

One cool chick zei

i think it looks very chic

hilde zei

great haircut Angela!!!! Love it!!

Corinnexxx zei

Love your new look!!! hope you feel better today and thanks about commenting about me being windy lol!!!


*Fauve* zei

Love your cool new hairdo!!I am curious about the cat palace though...