vrijdag, november 17, 2006

Lucky to...

be sharing my life with my sweetheart! I love him to death and it's so great we share so many same interests and features. We complete each other and are soulmates, no doubt about that. We felt this click ever since we met over 21 years ago and it hasn't disappeared!
When I was busy working on my culture study (Elsie thnx loads for you comment!)Igor was also being creative. He is all into airbrushing and was trying out some new masks but it didn't work out all ok and he got a little cranky because of that (it's so adorable it is hard not to laugh!). Just wanted to share this!!!

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Hoi Angela,

Wat leuk dat jouw vriend aan airbrushing doet, het ziet er op de foto trouwens mooi uit. Ray (mijn vriend), doet ook aan airbrushing, maar dan vooral op kappen van RC auto's.

Groetjes Sheila

angel zei

he sheila wat leuk! Igor is nog veel aan het oefenen op papier met sjablonen. Hij mag binnenkort de auto doen van een goede vriend/buurman, en ook het interieur.

*Fauve* zei

How cute,i love creative guys :)