maandag, november 13, 2006

Don't you just love it...

when you get nice things in your mailbox, or when people leave lovely comments on your blog? Well I do, and I really really enjoy it! Today I got this mini frame album through a swap I entered and I really *love* what I did to it, because I put pictures in it of my loves!! (ok and one of myself to fill the book up!) Here you can find the results.
Oh and there are some curious people amongst us who really want to see the cat palace! Click here to find out what it looks like! Choose "cats". There are just a few pics there, not much but that will change in the near future.
Well I just baked some lovely cookies in our new oven."Kattentongen" is what they are called (cat's tongue), sounds horrible I know but they taste sooooo fine and sweet!
Well off to do some scrapping again!
Have a great evening and sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite! :D

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*Fauve* zei

Love the mini album heartshape!!Really cute and your palace is sooo cool!Your cats must love it.Loving that picture from your cat Daisy with the purple ribbon!!