zondag, mei 17, 2009

Scrapstuff and other things

Here's update #2 for today!

Last friday I finally got my package from the states that I ordered a while back and this is what's in it! I soooo love the new prima stuff! I am sure I will make fun stuff with it!

Then we went to a cattery last sunday, a sphynx cattery, nudies!! We went to visit these cuties and after a lot of doubting we decided, after talking to the owner, that both of them will come and join our cat-family! Don't they look awesome? I love these little uglies! Sunday May 24th we will go and visit them again and 3 to 4 weeks later they'll come and join us! Just about 2 weeks before our little girl will be born! Love it!
This is the little girl, now still called Eos but we are thinking of another name, she's fierce, has a personality and we love that as our little Daisy has that too!This is the little fellow and he's now called Eros. He's cute and a cuddle, he prrrr's straight away when he's talked to or cuddled! I am soooo happy we can have these 2 as a new addition and give them a home! Can't wait!
Then last but not least, I applied for a DT call and hopefully tomorrow the new team will be announced!! So excited! I hope I made it to the team ofcourse as I love their concept, but I'll have to wait 1 more day (or maybe 2 due to the time difference).
I will show what I made for the call tomorrow! I made 4 pretty lo's, well I think they are pretty ;-)!!!

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