zondag, mei 17, 2009

Baby update May 17th


I'll do 2 updates today, 1 baby-update and 1 about the rest including scrapping stuff!

First of all, our nursery is totally ready! Only some stuff needs to be removed like the stoller, box, carseat and crib for our room. But because of the cats we'll keep it there for a little more. Here are 2 pics of the room and bigger crib. Don't they look cute? I love love love being in that room and feel curious and anxious to meet our little girl!

The closet, her clothes, well most of them, the oncesies are in the drawers in the pic above!

Then some new belly-shots, made today at 33 weeks and 4 days pregnancy. It's huge and it's still growing! I am outgrowing my clothes! They are too short! Still no stretchmarks by the way! This friday I'll have a check up again, and Igor is coming with me! Love that too!

Can you tell I am happy with my belly!? I love it although it's really heavy now! I didn't gain a lot of weight, just 4 kilo's (8 to 9 lbs).

I bought a tiny little cute swimsuit for our little girl as I LOVE swimming but daddy doesn't all that much so we can go swimming just the 2 of us and daddy can take us there! Great deal right?
Everything is going well with baby and mommy to be! Everything is ready as well. I do feel tired a lot and my belly is getting heavy. Getting up (or down) is a whole project so it seems ;-) and getting in and out of bed a huge project!! Cleaning the house isn't that easy but DH is pitching in really well, without complaining! He's the best ever! He's making me food, getting me drinks, brings me to bed if I need some help, does little chors around the house, I love him! Here's a pic from the shoot of the both of us, or should I say the 3 of us?

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Tamara zei

zo he.. wat een leuk kamertje.. en wow.. wat heb je een buik nu zeg!! mooie foto met jullie tweetjes.. xx