maandag, april 06, 2009

My birthday!!

Well that was yesterday but today I will give you an update!
It all started saturday actually when Markus came over with a great bouquet of sunflowers and yellow roses and lilies and a great book about photography and compositions! Then Adam came in and brought me these yummy chocolates from a Belgium brand called Leonidas. Both stayed a little while which I really enjoyed.

Then my actual birthday, it started early as Igor and I woke up wayyyy too early. He sang to me, cuddles and kissed me and got out of bed to make me a most delicious breakfast (which I forgot to make a picture of). After breakfast it was "me-time" and I could only take a shower and put a mask on, make up etc as Igor didn't allow me to do anything at all! He vacuumcleaned, mopped the floor, cleaned the catbins etc. When he was done he took me to P&P in Doorn the new store which was opened! I loved it there, the shop is gorgeous and it's very bad for the wallet. It's not only scrapstuff but also home deco aaarrrghhh but I behaved!!! I only took this!

Today I told myself not to do anything as I am still tired, and so I didn't all morning but in the afternoon I got inspired to make a mini-book about "me at 30" but it turned out to be a "maxi-book" so far! The book is ready, the inside too and now it can be filled which will take me serveral days I guess! So I am off scrapping for a change!!!

Not that bad right? At 2 my parents, sister and hubby came over and later on my father in law too! I got spoiled with money and babystuff like socks and kind of like a sleepingbag with sleeves for the winter (trappelzak in Dutch). We had a nice afternoon, with lovely snacks but in the end when everybody left, I was totally worn out! I made pancakes for dinner and did the dishes and that was when the light went out! I slept really early and woke up at 9.25 am this morning!!

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Hilde zei

Hee Angela!
Een beetje laat maar alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met je 30e verjaardag!!
Wat is igor een schat zeg, je bent goed verwend geworden.... (zo hoort het zich ook natuurlijk hahahaha)

Liefs Hilde