donderdag, april 09, 2009

Loving it

Ok I am scrapping but I haven't finished it by far! So nothing to show at that front but... I do have these cute fabric to share! I am totally in LOVE with Pip Designs but I also think it is really expensive so I looked for fabric to make my own stuff! This is what I found so far!

I will make sheets and blanket for the babies bed from it. I think I can make 2 different ones and I will start with them later on today!
This monday we will go to Ikea again and buy the bigger bed that looks like this:
We'll also buy the matrass, sheets and blankets so it's all complete! I can start cleaning the babies room and wash her clothes and prepare! May 6th we will get the check up at home so everything needs to be ready then! Now I still am able to do so and have enough energy to do so!! Loving it when it all comes together! Hope to be able to make the bed as well then!
In the evening we will eat at my parents so we don't need to cook either! Tuesday I'll be totally broken ;-)
Have a great Easter you all!

2 opmerkingen:

Marije's Scrapsels zei

WauW!! mooie stofjes!! Dat worden vast hele mooie lakentjes :)
Je bedje vind ik ook erg leuk! gaaf hoor!

X Marije

Kelly aka chantryss zei

Wonderful pictures! You look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your preparations. It is so exciting!