maandag, december 15, 2008


No, no scrap related topic this time but something that is interesting for woman too!!!
I got a package from Buzzer, a company that gives us the opportunity to test new products before they enter the market and give our opinion about it. Well this time it's the new DOVE deodorant which should reduce hairgrowth and make the hairs thinner so you won't have to shave as much! I would love that! So I got 10 deo's which I can also give away to people around me and I gave 4 packages away so far and they were enthousiastic about it! So am I by the way! Ok it's just the smell and the product itself now ofcourse, if it will really reduce the hairs or the feeling you want to shave... well I think only time will tell us!
This product will be in stores soon (January 2009 I think) and it's pretty much the same price as the other dove products and the quality as well!

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