maandag, oktober 13, 2008

What's there to tell?

Not very much, just wanted to blog!
At this point I just *LOVE* fall! The weather is great, nature so pretty! I am really soaking it up! The past few days I got up early, took my camera and dog, and took long walks! This works therapeutic too!!! So here are some pics I took in the parc right next to our house.

fun little bridge and lovely pond

dad and mom and 4 babies

Rays of sunshine in the early morning

My cute little funny sweet dog

Sun on the water warming up the ducks

Very pretty and warm colors we get for free!

This is one of the babyducks that have lived here and are very friendly

What else? Well if all it correct I will receive a fun package tomorrow with great scrapstuff!!! And I've started on my sisters weddingalbum finally! I got the last pics in this morning and yesterday I started on the smaller pics and I have done 6 pages by now. I need to order a few pics more though for details, or buy top of the bill quality photopaper so I can print them myself. Can't show that here yet ofcourse! I will show a few pages later on.

Oh and I learned so much more about photography this past weekend! So I'll visit the market tomorrow to buy a big piece of black cloth and white cloth and perhaps some organza/taft/silky stuff (see through kind). I can't wait to get started!

Busy enough as you might have noticed! So I'll leave you girls here again, take care

6 opmerkingen:

Janine zei

wat een mooie foto's...zo is de herfst zo erg nog niet ;)

Ria zei

hele mooie foto's Ans!! schitterend!

Barbara zei

Zoo angela! Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt :-)
Die met die zonnestralen vind ik super!
En Yazz, wat een snoepje!

Anoniem zei

mooie foto's
zo mag t de hele herfstseizoen wel blijven.

zelfs Yazz genoot ervan, zo op de foto te zien.

gr. Saskia

nancy zei

Wow, those are fabulous photos, Angela! You're an amazing photographer!

Hilde zei

Wat een gave foto's!
Wat kan de natuur toch mooi zijn hé!
En die Jazz, wat een lekker snoebelke......