vrijdag, oktober 17, 2008

New stuff

And yet again I bought new stuff! I bought some flowers (well actually a lot!) and paper, Eva of Basic Grey, love that paper! A little box to make my own treasure chest with a mini in it. Also some stuff for my sisters weddingalbum which is 25% ready. Next tuesday I can pick up the last pics and it will be done soon then!
One of the purchases was from Barbara of Scraptastisch which was really really fast! I ordered a few sheets of Eva and a really gorgeous wooden box/chest there and they are cheap too!!!
I'm now working on it! Altering the box, making mini's to go in there (yes multiple mini's!) I'm on a role again! I think Barbara also gave me an invisible bottle of mojo that cracked when I opened the order!
There's one small order coming in this week and that's about it for now! Let's first finish things before ordering again!

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