zaterdag, oktober 04, 2008


And so many of them! Unbelievable! And my notebook was totally filled out so I had to make a new one! Here it is!!

I so wanted to keep it simple as it needs to fit my bag and I don't want to be bothered when it gets a little damaged so that's why I kept it like this!

Finally all weddingpics are arranged, processed and ordered but because of different sizes it takes them up to 5 days to get them printed, so next weekend I can start my sisters weddingalbum (I have over 120 pics to work with!) So for now I am making other stuff and obligations like swaps and a CJ (I finished 2 entries today!) and other things so I wont forget or get behind!
This upcoming week I hope to receive a great package, with loads and loads of prima's! Looking forward to it, oh and some BG Eva and I will get the rest this week too in a local craftstore. Tomorrow another photoshoot which I am looking forward to.

Well all in all I am enjoying life to the max at the moment, enjoying the fall, made a very long walk yesterday with Yazz in the sun with wind in my hair, leaves falling all around me, one happy little gal'!Loads of fun and exciting things are happening in my life right now, I am so happy, blessed, thankful and greatful at this moment I could cry!!!
Big hugs!

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Anoniem zei

Erg leuk geworden Angela, leuk idee ook trouwens!

Groetjes Jacqueline

Barbara zei

Wauw, super boekje! :D
En een super idee!! :D

Marije's Scrapsels zei

Wat een super leuk boekje!!! Heel leuk! en wat een super mooie vlinder, gehotfixed???

Liefs, Marije

scraplijn zei

Super mooi boekje Angela, en vooral handig, ik moet er ook maar eens een maken, had van de week zo'n leuk idee en ik weet het techt niet meer. Alleen dat het zo leuk was. Erg he. Ik moet het voortaan meteen opschrijven denk ik.

goooooood girl zei

i like......