dinsdag, november 06, 2007

some christmas

Oh this year I am so into Christmas! In October I bought Christmas-scrapstuff already and started working on a christmasjournal and the christmaschallenge! Now I finished some christmascards that I found on a blog Ellen gave me a link to! It's from Cambria Turnbow and love the things she makes so I just had to lift some of the ideas and did! Here are my interpretations! The first one is a try-out with my new Cricut Cartridge.

Then I also made a little "X-mas"book by the idea of S@ndra which was a lot of work! But I love how it turned out! I made it with the scrapfever scrapkit of October.

I chose my dress, now I just have to order it and wait 5 weeks! Thursday we will go shopping for rings and crafts for making the invites. Monday we have an appointment at the party/weddinglocation to talk about the food an all! Loving it!!

2 opmerkingen:

Barbara zei

Dat album springt er echt uit,
maar je kaartjes zijn ook geweldig!
Leuk zijn ze he, om te maken :D

xxxxx Barbara

scrapalicious zei

gefeliciteerd met jullie verloving!!
ik vermoed dat je ook je eigen trouwalbum zult scrappen? :)
ik vind de kaartjes en je album echt mooi gemaakt!
succes met de weddingstress!! (en dress :) )