woensdag, oktober 04, 2006


hi there!!!
Today I finished the first photoswap I ever did! I got pictures from 3 different, funny, lovely woman. I finished the pics of one of them. I can't show it here just yet, as it will not be a surprise to her! But as soon as I mail them I will put them in my gallery! Now I can start for one of the other woman. I really like doing this!
Today I also went budget shopping and I bought this lovely 8x8 inch album for just € 3,00!! I also bought some lovely flowers made of strass stones(€1,29) and some fuchsia purple little metal flowers(€0,69). I love them!
Bye for now!
Oh just a sneak

2 opmerkingen:

Corinnexxx zei

swaps zijn altijd leuk om te doen. enne elsie is nu door naar parijs en zal dinsdag weer naar huis gaan.


*Fauve* zei

Leuk,ziet er schattig uit!!