maandag, oktober 30, 2006

LO # 60 and 1 album done

Hi there, how's life?
Today I finished LO #60 and it was my 20th LO on 12x12 so my first album is done! I bought some refills so I can make another 20 LO's now, but don't think it will fit actually, so that's a nice excuse to buy a new album soon!
This is the LO I finished today. Saturday I got these great chipboard letters of Heidi Swap, I love them! What to do now? I guess I will start a new LO again, with brown Cherry Arte paper I also got in this saturday!
Got any nice LO ideas? Or subject ideas? Why? Well this sunday we didn't go to the forest as I hoped and I am almost out of pics! Can you imagine?

1 opmerking:

*Fauve* zei

Mooie layout echt prachtig.ben dol op stitchen.Als je naar het bos gaat,maak dan mooie fotos bij bomen en kijkend over water,spelend blaadjes je kent het wel :D