zaterdag, oktober 28, 2006

New photo's

I really need to take new pictures. I am almoste done! I only have a few photo's left to do and can't figure out what paper to use!
So I decided to take my camera and made some new pics of me, or at least I tried. Now I hope that Igor has some time left for me in his busy existance to go to the woods with me tomorrow morning for a nice walk and take some pics. (I am hoping that for several weeks now!)
My cats are sick and tired of that flash you see;) They are hiding as soon as I apear with the camera LOL!!

Anyway I am also waiting for a package to arrive from scrapfever with some nice stuff. I really hope it will arrive soon! Maybe it will give me some new inspiration. I can start a new mini-album on each of my cats but I don't have kittenpictures of Silver and Tim as they weren't with me as a kitten and Igor didn't take any pictures unfortunately.

Well you all have a nice weekend!

2 opmerkingen:

hilde zei

I have some pictures for you! haha

angel zei

I know dear I know! Love those 2 of Amy by the way!