zaterdag, september 16, 2006

Stamp stamp stamp stamp

hi there!
Today I could finally start using the great stamps of Corinne Delis! I made loads of paperpiercings or embelishments or ????? anyway I stamped different stamps in different colors, used holografic embossingpowder and some of them colored in with pencils. They look great!
Tomorrow I will start scrappingbooking again. This week my cartridge was empty and had to buy a new one, which I finally did today!
Have a great night

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Pretty Lady zei

Hello, I found you Today and I will visit again and if you wish you can visit my blog, thanks for blogging, I am having a lot of fun blogging and it seems to me that you do, too. Cheers!

Corinnexxx zei

SHOW me what you made i am curious now!


Pretty Lady zei

Thank you so much for visiting me, I want to have a lot of friends. Please be my friend.