woensdag, september 20, 2006

mega mini-album

hi there!
How's life on the other side of this line?
What I have been up to lately? Well I started a mini-album about myself. It starts at birth and then on till now, but it is starting to look like a mega-album! I already processed 15 pictures on 7 double pages (envelopes, so there's also a card in there giving the facts around the picture). I still have 5 pictures left and there are more to come! I have a huge gap between 1994 and 1998 and I have to start looking for pictures from 1998 till now. So as you can imagine it's getting a quite big album! Or at least a thick album, but it's great fun though!
As soon as I have pictures, I will show them ofcourse!

3 opmerkingen:

Pretty Lady zei

It sounds like you are going to be busy, Good for you and your project!

*Fauve* zei

Looking forward to see your book of me :D

Corinnexxx zei

zag je berichtje op mijn blog en moet zeggen dat ik eigen altijd als ik wakker word wel waat wat de symbolen betekenen. ik werkte vroeger ook met 2 droomboeken maar opeens wist ik het gewoon, grappig he? ben erg benieuwd naar je album!