vrijdag, augustus 15, 2008

kit en card

hi girls,

almost weekend! Not going to do a whole lot today although I planned to do so, but let's take it easy for a day! Just 2 more weeks and Igor will have his holiday too! I am so happy and looking forward to that, doing all the fun stuff we planned! Will be great!

Well all the girls got their kits now so I can show a pic of this great kit I got in and also bought for some other scrapfriends. I love it, the theme was... confidence! I love the papers and colors and I really want to get started on this one! First I need to finish some other stuff though! I also made a butterfly-card! Nicole J. It's coming your way! I know I said I had one ready but I made this one instead, I like it more! (it says: good luck, with love). It's a 4 layer card, the back is a pocket which hold a tag as well!

Well let's see what else? The weather is crazy, it's so cold this morning (for summer) that our heater went on by itself (it's programmed to heat up the place when roomtemp is under 15 degrees centigrade) and it was this morning! It's freakin' summer! Usually that doesn't happen until half of October! Weird!
My pets are all so great! They are in a cuddle mode right now, I don't mind ;-) Especially Daisy! And Yazz is also learning how to enjoy cuddles instead of thinking it's playtime and biting my nose LOL! Love that little creature!
Well all have a great weekend, I am sure I'll be back checking in again tomorrow!
ps Tomorrow my friend Majootje is coming over to scrap (en bep)! I hope you can make it girl!
pII Sunday we will go and visit the babygirl Lily if all is ok!!!

8 opmerkingen:


This is so beautiful and very unique!! I love it!

Marije's Scrapsels zei

WOW!!! die is echt mooi...zo eentje zou ik er ook wel willen krijgen!!
Heel gaaf gedaan zeg!

Liefs, Marije

Lauren zei

That is an incredible card. So pretty and unique!!

Meg Giroux zei

Love this card Angel!!!
I am a butterfly lover so I adore this one!

Karla Smith zei

Angela, WOW. This is so Gorgeous.
Love this Beautiful Butterfly Card.

Anita zei

WOW that butterfly is just GORGEOUS!!

Jen Sue Wild zei

Just stunning!! You amaze me..

Patricia zei


Leuk kit zeg!!
En die vlinder is echt super!!

Succes met het onderwerp "Confidence"!!
Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat!!

Liefs Patricia